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Workers’ Compensation Fraud Investigations

workers compensation fraud investigations louisianaWorried your recently injured employee is receiving benefits that he/she doesn’t deserve? We get to the bottom of any worker’s comp claim and make sure you aren’t the victim of fraud.

Worker’s Compensation Fraud costs businesses millions of dollars every year! Ed Roy Ltd combines expert surveillance techniques and top-of-the-line technology to prove whenever fraud is taking place.

Our fully licensed, professional investigators are well seasoned in surveillance operations. We get the information you require legally, professionally, and in a timely manner.

We will provide you with up-to-date personalized reports throughout the investigation. Thanks to our computerized information handling system, case updates can be delivered to you on a daily basis if needed. All of this information is available to you electronically at the tip of your fingers.

Insurance fraud is a very serious offense. If you feel you are the victim of fraud, Contact Ed Roy Ltd for a free consultation. All communication with Ed Roy Ltd is kept strictly confidential.