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Surveillance Investigations

surveillance investigations louisianaNeed to keep an eye on someone? Afraid that your spouse is not being faithful? Fighting for child custody and need to prove that your ex is behaving inappropriately or dangerously around your children? There are a number of different reasons you may need a private investigator for professional surveillance. Ed Roy Ltd specializes in covert surveillance operations and provides you with the information you need!

Our expert detectives use top-of-the-line surveillance equipment in order to capture and record clear, undoubtable proof of incriminating behaviour. Ed Roy Ltd agents are trained to the highest standards of covert operation and will attain the evidence you need without leaving behind any trace.

Information is delivered to you as it develops during the investigation in a discreet, pre-established communication preference that you desire. All information is kept safe and strictly confidential.

Contact Ed Roy Ltd today for a free consultation. All communication with Ed Roy Ltd is kept strictly confidential.