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Everything You Need to Know About Ed Roy LTD’s Polygraph Tests in New Orleans, LA

new orleans lie detector polygraph testingA polygraph is a scientific apparatus used to detect deception through the recording and measuring of various physiological indicators such as blood pressure, respiration, pulse, and skin conductance, while the subject answers a series of questions. Many refer to the polygraph as a lie detector in New Orleans, LA.

Polygraph is a word that means many writings. Comparable to its name, the device selects specific physiological activities and simultaneously records them on a graph. Polygraph examiners have the option to use conventional instruments referenced to as analog instruments, or computerized polygraph instruments. In New Orleans, Ed Roy’s polygraph examiners opt to use analog polygraph apparatuses.

The dictionary defines the polygraph as a measuring device that permanently records the various physiological changes taking place within the body of the test subject because of certain psychological stimuli. These stimuli are brought about by asking questions, structured, and phrased in a specific way, and by maintaining a certain environmental and emotional climate during the examination.

Ed Roy’s Polygraph Examiners in New Orleans, Louisiana

Polygraph examiners have to graduate from a fundamental training program for polygraph examiners that has been approved by the American Polygraph Association. The law requires a license for this profession.

The Function Of The Polygraph

The polygraph device, on a basic level, records the physiological responses of the individual who is attached to a polygraph apparatus.

The Data a Polygraph Records

When a person is deceptive, there are physiological changes that take place in the body. A polygraph monitors and records, breathing rate, the pulse rate of the heart, blood pressure, blood volume, and galvanic skin resistance.

Polygraphs Detect Physiological Information

lie detector tests new orleans louisianaLies are not detected by the polygraph. A polygraph records the physiological deviations of an individual who is attached to the apparatus, as they respond to sequences of questions presented by a trained polygraph examiner. The test is in a legalized testing format. The examiner then interprets the chart graphs or polygrams to deliver a diagnostic judgment concerning the truthfulness of the test subject.

Employers have the right to have a polygraph administered to an employee suspected of deception that may lead to an economic loss to the company. The employer must convey the rational suspicion in a written format. Even if the employee has access to what may cause the company and economic loss, it does not mean that the suspicion is a reasonable one. Pertinent information is provided in the Employee Polygraph Protection Act.

The Accuracy Level Of A Polygraph

The American Polygraph Association has determined that the polygraph is eighty-five to ninety-five percent accurate. Research studies verify that the polygraph has a higher accuracy rating.

What To Expect In Relation To One of Ed Roy LTD’s Lie Detector Tests in New Orleans, LA

Many people want to know how many questions they will have to answer. The numbers of the questions depend on the format used by the examiner.

Before you are given the test, you as the examinee has the chance to review the questions prior to the polygraph test.

No one can force you to take a polygraph test. Ed Roy LTD’s Polygraph Tests Are Taken Voluntarily

Some people want to know the amount of time it will take for them to complete a polygraph test in New Orleans. The test is administered in three phases, which are the pretest, chart collection phase, and the posttest. Expect the examination to take a minimum of ninety minutes, although they often extend beyond that allotted time. Also, there is no need for you to discontinue any medications prior to taking the polygraph test.

Free free to contact Ed Roy LTD today to learn whether our polygraph testing services in New Orleans, LA are the right fit for you. Also, we are always available to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

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