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Ed Roy LTD’s Polygraph Testing in Opelousas, Louisiana

polygraph testing opelousas laWelcome to Ed Roy LTD, an investigation agency that provides a comprehensive array of services that support the efforts of attorneys, private investigators and law enforcement within the entire state of Louisiana. We offer a skilled team of private detectives that have extensive experience with polygraph testing administration. Ed Roy LTD provides trained examiners and professionally certified polygraph administrators in Opelousas, LA who are trained to reveal the truth. Never settle for less, Ed Roy LTD is your best choice.

With Ed Roy LTD you will always speak directly to a member of our elite team. You will never suffer the frustration that results from inefficient switchboards, annoying voice recordings, and irritating call transfers. Our examiners make you our priority. We will return calls before and after exams, and on evenings and weekends. You will always receive prompt and concise answers from Ed Roy LTD.

About Ed Roy LTD’s Polygraph Tests in Opelousas, LA:

  • Professionally Certified Examiners
  • Services Available State-wide
  • Up to 98% Accuracy

Pertinent Polygraph Facts

A polygraph, or “lie detector test,” is a device that monitors and documents physiological changes within the human body when an individual is asked a series of controlled and specific questions aimed at creating regular and irregular responses.

Breathing rhythm, pulse rate, and blood pressure have been shown to change when a person is actively evading the truth. Our polygraph examiners are exceedingly skilled at identifying which physiological changes are direct results of an individual avoiding the truth. Although no polygraph is 100% accurate, Ed Roy LTD polygraphs boast an accuracy rate of up to 98%!

Common Specialized Lie Detector Services Offered in Opelousas, Louisiana:

  • Adultery, Infidelity, and Cheating
  • Sex Offenses
  • Child Molestation Allegations
  • Criminal and Civil Concerns
  • Fraud and Theft Issues
  • Private and Domestic Disputes
  • Teen and Adult Drug Problems
  • Insurance Fraud and Claims
  • Contest Misconduct and Cheating

Additionally, Ed Roy LTD works with a variety of professionals who offer complementary services to ours, including attorneys, private investigators, counselors, and therapists. While we most often offer polygraph tests in Opelousas, LA, we also offer polygraph administration anywhere in Louisiana.

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