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Employee Background Checks

Ensure that the person you are hiring is everything that they claim to be. Our detailed background checks cover residency, previous employment, education, credit, criminal history and more.


Ensure that who you’re hiring meets all of your required standards. Ed Roy Ltd will personally handle all of your pre-employment and post-employment background checks and give you all of the necessary information you need to make the final decision on your staff.

Employee Background Checks are mandatory for many job positions and are also very useful in determining the quality of your staff.

Need written proof that your staff meets regulations? We provide you with a complete report upon completion.

This complete background check covers everything that you require to make an informed decision, including:

    • Criminal Record Check
    • Employment Credit Check
    • Military History Summary
    • Complete Personal References Check
    • Complete Work History References Check
    • Proof of United States Citizenship
    • Subject’s Aliases & A K A’s
    • Subject’s Social Security Numbers
    • Subject’s Age & Date of Birth
    • Addresses Associated with Subject
    • Phone Listings for subject’s Associated Addresses
    • Possible Relatives of Subject at Each Address
    • Subject’s Driver License Information (available states)
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    • Vessels Registered to Subject
    • Real Property Owned by Subject
    • Civil Actions Against Subject
    • Possible Court Actions Against Subject
    • Additional Persons Associated with the Subject’s Addresses
    • Possible Relatives of Subject by Name
    • Possible Relationships with Subject
    • Vehicles Registered to the Subject (available states)
    • Vehicles Registered at Subject’s Addresses (available states)

    Professional Drug Testing is also available. Paperless from the start, this technology-enabled eScreen collection sites utilize a web–based, protocol-driven software to perform consistent, efficient drug screens for employers seeking automation and fast results–15 minutes for negative results! A computerized drug screening process creates a digital chain of custody form with electronic donor and collector signatures. This electronic chain of custody prevents collector errors.

    Ed Roy will also fulfill any special requests that are needed. Contact Ed Roy Ltd today for a free consultation. All communication with Ed Roy Ltd is kept strictly confidential.