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Child Custody

At Ed Roy, Ltd, we provide personalized, professional and punctual assistance that is tailored to your life, your business, your challenges, and your time schedule.

Nothing is more important than your child’s safety! The problem begins when he or she is out of your sight and in the custody of your ex-partner or ex-spouse. When you don’t trust your ex, the situation is even more worrisome and stressful. In addition, children are often too young, too innocent, or too afraid to tell you what happens when they are with their other parent(s).

If your ex is putting your child at risk, neglecting your child, or violating the terms of a court-ordered child custody agreement in Lafayette, you need to act fast. To help you acquire this evidence, ERL will conduct discreet child custody investigations in Louisiana to help find out if the violations you suspect, are in fact true.

If you are asking yourself any of the following questions, call us now for help:

Does my ex bring my child into contact with unsavory people or unsafe/inappropriate situations?
Is my ex driving recklessly/drunk with my child in the car?
Is my ex using drugs or alcohol in the presence of my child?
Is my ex out all night when he/she is supposed to be taking care of my child?
What kind of care takers is my ex using for my child?
Is my child getting to school on time?
Is my ex using a car seat for my child?
Is my ex engaging in criminal activity while my child is with him/her?

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