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Cheating and Infidelity

At Ed Roy, Ltd, we provide personalized, professional and punctual assistance that is tailored to your life, your business, your challenges, and your time schedule.

Ed Roy, Ltd conducts confidential and discreet relationship investigations in Lafayette often referred to as cheating spouse investigations. Our management will work closely with you during the free consultation in order to discover and verify the facts pertaining to your particular situation. ERL Investigators understand human behavior and will recommend the best approach and tactics to gather the required information. ERL uses a variety of methods to discover, document and expose the truth. By use of visual surveillance, forensic investigation of computers/cell phones, examination of other physical evidence of cheating, background investigations and other investigative tools, ERL will get you the information you seek.

  • Video/Photographic Surveillance
  • Computer Investigations
  • Asset Investigations
  • Undercover Investigations
  • Lie Detection

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